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An Excellent Gift?

Ever thought of buying your loved ones a house for the holidays? We can’t think of a better gift idea, and here are some reasons why:

– a new home is a great place to receive guests, celebrate and enjoy the company of family

– if you move and don’t provide a forwarding address, guests you previously wished would stop coming over might not find you

– a new home provides a brand new palette for decorating and bringing your design ideas to life

– moving offers you the opportunity to accidentally drop that gadawful porcelain alligator lamp your partner couldn’t live without

More Ugly Lamps

– if you have a housewarming event people will bring you all kinds of cool new stuff to put in your new place

– the buddy who gave you the alligator lamp can be accidentally left off the invite list for that housewarming shindig

– a fresh start for the New Year is one of the best ways to kickstart resolutions for positive change in the year aheadToasting Flutes

– you could resolve to stop resolving stuff because you’re too tired after the move and everyone would totally get that

– chances are pretty good no one will put anything better in a box or under a tree than keys to a new home; you’re a sure winner on this one

– if someone does provide an even more delightful gift it’s got to be pretty awesome and your loved ones are sure to share with you – still a win!

And on a more serious note? It’s never been a better time to buy – prices are low, interest rates are ridiculously low, and the forecast is pretty positive for mid- and long-term investment on real estate. If you have these or other reasons to look for a new home this winter, give us a call or visit We’re here to help with all of your real estate needs.



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