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How Do You Do It?

Faced with the notion of paying for something for thirty years can be daunting. Many homeowners wish they could find a way to minimize the amount of time they spend paying for a home mortgage. But how do you do it? An interesting article on this topic can be found here: It may not be … Continue reading

We Are Family

One of the key indicators most economists will look to when determining the health of a market is the number of housing starts, essentially new construction. In an interesting piece today, Inman news discusses the relatively low inventory numbers of today’s market as related to what should be an increase in housing starts. As has … Continue reading

Before You Go, Consider This

Parents with school-age children overwhelmingly select housing based on the quality of the neighborhood school. It’s just about the first question a parent will ask when previewing a home – “How’s the school?” It can be a tough question to answer and most real estate professionals point families to research-based sources to answer that question. … Continue reading

Keeping Up With the Joneses

  It’s tough out there, isn’t it? Even we real estate professionals can get caught up in a version of this terrible comparison cycle – I need to update the blog (I did); I need to get a new profile pic (working on that); I need to have newer, shinier signs (just did that last … Continue reading

Borrowing “It Gets Better”

There is a campaign that I’ve seen unfold over the past couple of years to help children manage sadness and despair, something I first became familiar with when I saw the video of a small municipal council meeting where a local legislator used an opportunity at a public event to tell a very personal story. … Continue reading

It’s There If You Look

The good news is out there, if you look. Just read this article from today’s Chicago Tribune about home sales in our area:,0,7918883.story So where are you in your home search? The right house is out there, if you look. Of course, knowing where to look is part of the trick, isn’t it? And having … Continue reading

Sizzle, Sizzle, Pop!

The market is hot right now. Sizzling hot. Ask any real estate professional and he’ll tell you the activity level is amazing. And it’s not just remarkable by the depressed standards of the past few years. The market is booming even by healthy market standards. Using broad numbers for the city of Chicago we can … Continue reading

Leaving Home

If you’re like us, it’s at about this point in the winter that you start daydreaming about summer. More specifically, you start fantasizing about vacation and time spent away from home. In fact, the best thing about vacation is being somewhere unlike home. We spend a lot of time in our home, and showing others’ … Continue reading

Over the Cliff in a Bungalow?

Looking for answers to questions about how the fiscal cliff deal affects you from a real estate point of view? Hopefully these bullet points will help: Real Estate Tax Extenders Mortgage Cancellation Relief is extended for one year to Jan. 1, 2014 Deduction for Mortgage Insurance Premiums for filers making below $110,000 is extended through … Continue reading

An Excellent Gift?

Ever thought of buying your loved ones a house for the holidays? We can’t think of a better gift idea, and here are some reasons why: – a new home is a great place to receive guests, celebrate and enjoy the company of family – if you move and don’t provide a forwarding address, guests … Continue reading

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