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We live in Hollywood/North Park and when we first moved here nearly fifteen years ago, this organization was so warm and welcoming – and they still are! A great group of neighbors and strong advocates for this beautiful Chicago neighborhood.

The North Park Neighbors Page is a great place to share community information, post events and get to know neighbors. We love it!

North River Commission is a group of civic associations for neighborhoods that span the north branch of the river. They are amazing and have terrific resources for area residents and visitors. Visit often!

There’s lots to do in this beautiful city of ours and believe it or not, the city’s website is a great place to start searching for the thing that’s just what you’re looking for. Access to city departments, contact information and more is just a click away.

North Park University has a beautiful campus right in the heart of the North Park neighborhood and they always have cool events that are affordable, accessible and relevant. We love having NPU in our neighborhood!

We love Northeastern Illinois University’s mantra “Learn in the city. Lead in the World.” They have terrific programs on campus that are open to the public, including a fantastic music and theater department that offers performances throughout the year. And lots of those are free. That’s cool!

We’re on Facebook! Come check us out and hang for a while. Lots of fun articles and links to events on our page make it a great place to visit again and again.




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